Bryn Stillwell

Mr. Herz

Web Design

19 January 2017

Photography Website: A Reflection

Have you ever thought about being a photographer? I had the chance of completing a task where I created a website based on photography and cameras. This common task required me to create a flash animation and an eight page dreamweaver website. The information I learned throughout my Web Design class, such as using different types of tweens, helped me to fulfil the requirements of this task. While completing this  assignment I learned how to  effectively link a photo back to its original website. This skill is important to have so that any content you use is given proper credit to its creators. Otherwise the photos in this website would be plagiarized.

Before starting my website I first chose a theme, I chose photography and cameras. After that I created a flash animation plan detailing what the animation I had to create would contain. Then I created a flash animations by drawing 11 different cameras and applying a motion tween to make them melt into one another. This was the hardest part of the process because I had to move the entire layer over 20 frames in order to fit in floating letters. But I found that you could solve this problem by copying an entire layer and pasting it over as many frames as you would like. After my flash animation was complete I moved on to creating my website. I created my website with eight pages, Home, Introduction, Long Exposure, Short Shutter Speed, Cameras, Organizations, Reflection, and the Work Cited. The only trouble I encountered when creating the dreamweaver site was adding links to the pictures. I overcame this struggle by clicking on the picture and adding the link instead of inserting the link below the photo.  Finally this task helped my understand my web design class by bringing together all I have learned like coding, and flash animation, and dreamweaver sites.

In summation this task has helped me as a student because It taught me how to work efficiently. Because I had limited time to complete this task I practiced working efficiently every day. I will use this practice much more in my school career.