Did you know just like humans dogs can do many sports too? In this common task I made a website using Adobe Dreamweaver. Mr. Herz helped me learn how to use dreamweaver by first creating web pages, editing tabs, adding hpyerlinks and much more to make a website. I needed a few skills for creating this website by having practice making them before. The skills I have for this task are very important or else the website would not work well.

To make the web site I first made a pages for each of my topics and made the tabs for each page, then I began adding imformation on each. I did not counter any problems throughout the process. This task helped me understand Web Design by knowing how to properly do everything through out the website.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student becuase after I praciced making a website it was very easy. I could use these skills in the future if I ever needed to make a web site for something like a business.