All about Soda

Celia Durkin
Mr. Herz
Web Design
January 17, 2017
Learning Reflection

Did you know Coa-Cola changes their ingredience for making soda during March and April, because of "Kosher season". Soda companys have improved greatly over the hundreds of years. When Mr. Herz gave a common task to create a web site based on an interestion dubject that was reasearched. To begin, I chose the subject of soda. I had to type tabs and create paragraphings and images that go along with the subjects. Next, I had to make a footer and collect the web pages and image adresses to write as my work cited. I aquire a skill for making flash anamations, this kill can help me in the futre of making web sites or other technological tasks.

To complete the website I made a plan of what was going to be on my pages. I described each title and image that would be included. On my journey of doing this, I hit many obsticles. One obstacle was finding the correct sources to back up my data. Another was, creating a footer for every page on the website. To fix my errors, I reread a section of "A Guide to Web Development Using, ADOBE Dreamweaver CS5 with Fireworks and Flash", by Jan Marreli. This text book helped me in class when I was first learning about Web Graphics Design. I figured if I reread it, it would provide the knowledge I forgot. Building this task taught me more about Web Design in a way that I will remember. It taught me to use html, CSS, and flash annomation easily and quickly.

To create a website for a common task improved my knowledge and capabilities as a student. Some of the skill that have improved is writing. The reasearch needed and set up is similar to a report, learning and going over this has helped and will continue to help me be a better student.