All about Soda

Calcium Depletion

Calcium is very important mineral in a human body, it strengthens bones and teeth. Drinking soda, which commonly includes phosphoric acid, can cause osteoporosis. The disease tears away at your bones until they are weak enough to snap.

Weight Gain

Burning calories takes effort and time, by drinking soda it can give more calories. The calories contained in soda are called "empty calories". This type of calorie has no nutritional value, it is unhealthy fat that builds up unless you exercise. After drinking a can of soda the sugar makes you want more. Keeping track of the calories is good if you do notwant to gain weight.

High Sugar Content

Soda contains a huge quantity of sugar. Consuming big amounts of sugar raises your blood glucose levels, which increases a chance of cardiovascular disease. In addition, high fructose corn syrup is known to be in Coa-Cola and other drinks. This ingredient leads to drastically altering blood sugar levels and stresses the pancreas. Regualr sugar and HFCS often causes diabetes.

The image shows Dr Pepper workers in 1923.