A Cat's Senses

Sight: A cat can see very effectively in low-light situation and at night, much better then a human. However, their vision during the day in high-light situations is actually worse than a humans'.

Hearing: Cats have very good hearing, able to detect the smallest of noises, distinguish them from others even inches away and register pitches higher than even dogs are able.

Taste: Their weakest sense, taste. Cats posses much fewer taste buds than a human and are unable to taste sweet things.

Smell: A cat's sense of smell is 15 times better than ours, enabling them to navigate more effectively. They posses a second scent sensor known as the Jacobson's organs, located in the roof of their mouth.

Touch: Touch is a sense that is experienced by a cat is just as you assume it to be, all but for one distinguishing feature, whiskers! A cat's whiskers provide the animal with detailed sensory information, enabling a deeper understanding.