For web graphics, the class was informed that they were to create an animation on a topic of our choice and implement it onto a self-made website. This animation was required to be a minimum of seven hundred and fifty frames, and the website needed eight pages total; the first page was of the animation, another needed to be our reflection and the last had to be a works cited page. Additionally, the other five pages were to contain miscellaneous information about of chosen topic and any and all pictures we chose to feature on our website had to be cited and linked to their original location. Most all of the knowledge we were required to know for this task were learned in the web graphics class at different points throughout the semester. Some such examples being, how to go about creating an animation, uploading to animation to the website and developing and formatting the website. Throughout the process of completing this task, I demonstrated the ability to compose a simple, consistent animation and gather a myriad of information on the topic of which my animation was based off of. Without any knowledge on animating, a person attempting to complete this project would surely find it very difficult, therefore, basic understanding of how to animate is rather important to this project.
To continue, for this task, the animation was the proper place to begin. Having decided upon cats as my topic, I devised a simple animation of a boxy feline pursuing a mouse. After completing the animation, I implemented it onto a website and went on to compile information about my chosen topic into several organized categories. An obstacle that I encountered was remembering how to format the website itself. I solved this problem by referencing the textbook. This helped to cement the basic dynamics of formatting a website into my mind.
In the case that I am in need of creating another website during the course of my high school career I will be able to reference this project and its format as insight. During this new age of technology I have no doubt that I will be able to make use of these skills.