In the class web design, I created a website that was about tennis. The main part of this project was that there had to be an animation that fit the subject. I decided to create an animation of tennis rackets playing tennis. The animation would b3e like what a math would look like. During the creation of the animation, something happened to my animation, where I could not edit it or see it till I put it in the website. When you look at the animation on the first page of the website you will be able to see that I had put a picture into the animation and then I could not edit it. The picture of the tennis racket is in the way so you can not see the rest of the animation. This was my biggest obstacle during the project. I could not finish it or remake it because in class we were short on time and I would not have had time to redo the animation and create this website in time of the due date. Creating this project has really broadened my knowledge on websites and animations.