Types of Tennis Courts

There are many different types of tenis courts, and each effects the way the player playes.

Clay Courts

These Courts are mostly used in Europe and in latrin America. They are harder to maintain and require a lot of work. The clay has to be rolled out everyonce in a while to keep the court flat. They also have to be monatered for temperature and moisture, that can effect the clay and if the surface is ok to play on. On these types of courts the game tends to go slower and the ball bounces higher.

Grass Courts

Grass courts are not as common, they are known as a signature for Wimbledon. Generally grass is the fastest ggame of tennis, because of its low bounce capacity. This casuse there to be less time for the player to get to the ball. Also grass courts are a lot of maintence, and cost a lot to maintain. They have to keep the grass trimmed short and make sure that the grass is watered to a certain point because of weather.

Hard Courts

hard courts can have a range of speeds for the game, depending on the quantity and size of the sand mixed into the paint coating. There are acrylic har courts and they ae used in the US Open, but they are hard on the body. There are some hard courts that are not as hard on th body, they are artificial courts. This type of hard court is most commonly found everywhere.


Carpet courts are removable surfaces. they are made up of different material from artificial turf to hard rubber. These courts are known for a faster game of tennis.