Josh Martin

Web Graphics and Design

Mr. Herz

January 19, 2017

During web graphics and design, i had a common task to create a website that would be funtional and useful. In order to do the project, I had to learn how to use Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver to put together a website. I had to use prior knowlege and knowlege from the class to create the website. At first it was difficault to figure out how to make the flash but planning before hand helped figure out how I was going to create the flash. Another thing I struggled with was figuring out how to make the website. This was difficault because I forgot how to make the website and had to go bacck into the book to start it. I found finding the information for the website the easiest. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I finished the project. I could use these skills in the future if I ever find my self having to create a website. In the end, I am very glad I got to partake in this experience.