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Benefits of coping skills

When you share your emotions with others there are many things you can get back from doing so. We can achieve self-compassion when we nurture others we can learn to direct it to ourselves.

When we care for those that we love it can be very rewarding and calming to the caregiver.

Noticing your breathing can see how you are feeling. Short breaths tell that you are stress-induced. Heavy long abdomen breaths are relaxing.

Mindfulness of our bodies. How we feel-tense or not and if we should loosen up.

point out the feelings. know their triggers and then you can learn to cope with them easier.

writing is very effective because you can see what your emotions are on paper. then when you are done writing you can close the journal and put away all the emotions. writing things down can help you figure out what is truly bothering or upsetting you.

speaking about how we feel on a regular basis reduces lash outs from built up anger. it is important to collect your thought when expressing to someone how you feel because it is easier for them to listen, follow along, and try to help.Image result for healthy coping skills

the realization that feelings are temporary. coping skills can distract the way you are feeling and maybe hit you that that feeling you were having. The same emotion does not last forever!