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Creating a Website


Are you interested in building your own website for personal or business reasons? For this common task I created a website about of a topic of my choosing. I have done practice on Dreamweaver which is a web development tool to create websites. I acquired new skills on how to plan and create websites. For example I know how to organize the pages for the website and create a website plan on a separate document. A website plan is a good skill to help organize the information, figure out who the major audience is, and how the information will be displayed. Also, I practiced making flash animations and exporting them as a movie into the website. It is important to know how to create a website because many businesses and companies benefit from displaying their company through the web.

First, I created a folder with my name and the name of my website. Next, I created my website plan on a Word Document. Then, I created a new Dreamweaver site and linked it to my new folder. After that, I added the pages starting with the index page as my home page and the following pages as my content pages. When this was done I got to work adding the content to the pages. I was required to have a minimum of five content pages. One of my obstacles was that I had forgotten how to create the new website because it had been awhile since I have practiced, so I asked one of my classmates next to me to help. Another obstacle was creating the website pages but I just played around with it on my own and eventually figured it out. Finally, my biggest struggle was, and still is, creating flash animations. I asked my teacher to guide me but in the end I got the hang of it and created a second one on my own to add to my project. This task helped me understand Web Design because I now know the maneuvers of creating a website which is valuable to know in this day and age of technology.

The topic of my task was on the purpose coping skills and how they can be used. This helped me as a student because I was able to practice my presentation skills. The website will eventually be looked over by my teacher, therefore, I checked that the website was easy to understand and was presentable. I do anticipate to use these skills because I may be asked or required to create another website from scratch. Finally, I will definitely be faced with more times to present information to an audience and it is vital to be knowledgeable, organized, and clear when presenting.