Did you know that there are over one billion websites on the internet with a rapid increase every second? For this common task, each student in my Web Design class was told to pick a topic, make an animation consisting of a minimum of 750 frames, and a series of pages on a website describing the topic which in my case was a band by the name of All Time Low. This common task required a lot of prep including many units in the textbook, along with practice problems and projects for animations and making a website by using DreamWeaver. In order to create the animation, I used my past knowledge of different motions and techniques be able to move each individual stick figure representing each member of the band, All Time Low, my topic. In order to create the website, I used my past knowledge of organization skills and ordering the websites and linking together each of them. By completing this task, I required the skill of being able to create my own website along with my own animation. These skills are important because if I ever need to create a website for a company or an animation for a logo or advertisement, I will have the skills to be able to do it.

When completing my website, I first had to create a plan for the many pages and information that will fill each. I picked many topics within the topic of All Time Low and researched information regarding each. Then, I had to add pictures. After finishing each page, I added different fonts and colors to customize the website. During the process, I encountered a problem of citing every picture. I had forgotten to cite the pictures as I went, so I had to individually search for each picture again and it was very time-consuming.Web design is all about the mechanics of the web. This task helped me understand web design because Creating a website is such a huge part of web design and the mechanics of the web.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student because it taught me that if I can create a website, then I can do anything. Creating a website might help me in any other computer classes if I choose to take them later in my school career. In the future, I might use these skills to create a website for my company of my job in the future to appeal to the media and achieve success.