Have you ever wanted to create your own website? For this  task I had the chance to do this by making a website and flash animation about a topic of my choosing. The topic that I decided to work with the Baltimore Ravens. I learned the skills to create a flash animation and to create a website through instruction from my teacher Mr. Herz and practice throughout the semester. These animation and website building skills were essential to correctly completing this task. While creating my website, I first decided on my topic. Then, I created an outline for my website and gathered my information and pictures. After, I created my animation. Finally, I compiled everything together and finished my task. During this process however, I had some issues. These issues were mostly with getting my animation to work correctly and the be long enough. I conquered these challenges through trial and error. I attempted different strategies and methods of making objects move until the animation looked good enough for my standards and was long enough to be usable for the website. This task helped me understand web design because it gave me an opportunity to create a website which allowed me to face the issues with web design. These issues include correctly formatting a website and making it visually appealing so that potential readers become interested and go through the entire website and discover all of the information I have put in it. Overall, this task has helped me as a student manage a deadline and complete large assignments in a timely fashion.