Superbowl 2

Twelve years later, during the 2012-2013 season, the Ravnes won the superbowl again; however, it was a much closer contest this time. After winning the division title at 10-6, they headed towards the playoffs. The Ravens faced the Indianapolis Colts and won 24-9 in the Wild Card round. Next, the Ravens battled with the Denver Broncos. After a comback to tie the game with 31 seconds left, the game went to overtime. In the NFL's fourth longest game ever, the Ravens kicked a field goal at the end of double overtime in order to seal the 38-35 win. Then, the Ravens defeated the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game 28-13 after shutting out New England's offense ranked number one in the league during the second half. This win propelled the Ravens to the dramatic superbowl against the San Fransisco 49ers in New Orleans. During this game after halftime, a 38 minute power outage changed the momentum of the game and allowed San Fransisco to come back. This lead to a goal-line stand in the fourth quater by the Ravens which protected their 34-31 lead and allowed them to win their second world championship.

Ravens Superbowl 2013- Joe FlaccoRavens vs. 49ers

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