An instrument such as the trumpet takes time to master, and there are many tips and tricks that will help to become a stronger player faster when first beginning.


Because everybody has different teeth and lip shape, there are a number of embouchures developed. None of them are right or wrong, you'll have to find the way that feels best for you. However, you must keep the corners of your mouth firm so the air won't leak from there. In the most used embochure, you should keep the lips even, but some embouchures require rolling/curling the lips in, but they shouldn't overlap. A good way to get familiar with the instrument is to play long tones. This strengthens your embouchure and gets your mouth used to your own.


Always take a deep breath. One shouldn't lift shoulders when inhaling. One should take a breah without tensing up. Relaxation is key. Imagining the air getting way deep and down will help you to avoid lifting your shoulders.


Don't point the bell to the floor. Many beginnirs get into bad habits and find it more and more difficult for them to keep their bell up. Having the bell angle at a 90 degree angle helps with projection. Try to be relaxed but do not slouch. Keep your arms a little away.