Have you ever thought about starting a new instrument such as the trumpet? In this Common Task, I had to create a Flash Animation about the subject of my choice and create a website about said topic. In the making of this task, I utilized background knowledge that was taugh to me eearlier on in the Web Graphics course such as Classic, Shape, and Motion Tweens, and basic Flash Knowledge. I also applied my basic knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver to concoct this website. I acquired many new skills and knowledge in the making of this final product, like how to make a website, and the fundementals of Flash. These skills will help me in the future because if I ever want to set up my own website, I'll know exactly how. To make the website, I first had to find my information. I had to research the topic and compose each page individually. I encountered many challenges in the making of the Flash Animation. Something that was a constant impediment was setting up the tweens successfully. Some tweens would not work, but eventually I found out how to resolve this problem. This task helped me get a better grasp on how things like websites and animations can be made. It's really not that hard! To conclude, this task has enhanced my knowledge in a plethora of ways. These skills can help me create a wesbite someday.