Techniques (Effects)

In trumpet playing, there are a number of tips and tricks that can be utilized to portray a different feel when playing. These can be used in all areas, but they are most commonly used in jazz music. Vibrato, a trumpet effect, makes the trumpet have a less stable, but more advanced sound. This can be done by either moving the trumpet or your lips while playing. A lip vibrato is more common and easier to utilize, but moving the actual trumpet makes for a more dramatic vibrato. There are more tricks used in jazz music such as the fluttertongue, which is basically moving your tongue the way you would roll an "R" in Spanish. This gives the trumpet a growly sound. You do this by putting your tongue where your teeth meets your gums on the roof of your mouth and forcing air to pass through and out of your mouth, causing your tongue to move. It requires practice to fully master. Another trick is a rip. A rip is when you tighten your air and move from a low note to a high note without moving the valves of your trumpet. It works similar to an arpeggio, and is used more in fast paced songs.