Types of Horns

Student Trumpets:

Student trumpets are for younger beginning players. These are players in middle to high school. They are easy instruments to play, and they're durable. However, there are different components in student trumpets that have negative effects on the sound. For students, there's the option to choose between an inexpensive student trumpet and a high quality student trumpet. One of the things that should influence your decision is the duration that you intend to play the instrument. You might need to upgrade to an intermediate or professional grade trumpet if you want to play at a higher level eventually.

Professional Trumpets:

Professional trumpets have been made with materials of good quality and boast of good craftsmanship. One of the most recommended brands is the Bach Stradivarius. I currently have this horn, and it is the main horn I play with. It is considered one of the best trumpets today. It is used trumpet by professional orchestral players worldwide.