This is a website aimed to educate people about sea slugs.


Have you ever heard of the most wonderful, vivacious, colorful gastropod under the sea? If you haven't then let me introduce you my sea slug website. During the common task I had to create a flash animation and a website about my topic I picked. When I started my task I had to create a plan for my 750 frame flash animation then omce my idea was approved I got straight to work. It took a lot of classes to finalize my flash animation about a sea slug roaming around under the water and meeting a few other sea creatures, but once I did, I got straight to work and made a website plan for my project. Then all I had to do was complete the project. When I was doing my project I needed to be able to use flash's tools and make a website on adobe dreamweaver competently. Also, during the task I learned demonstrated my ability to customize my final project and the use of a classic tween in adobe flash animation. The classic tween helped my sea slug move around the screen and the skills I demonstrated on adobe dreamweaver helped me make my website.

My common task started with a plan for a flash animation that needed to be 750 frames at the least, so I had to plan what my sea slug would be doing, once I decided what I was going to do I had to decide who my sea slug was going to meet. after that I had to start my animation. During my animation I made a sea slug using the circle tool. After making my sea slug move around I made the back ground and the characters my sea slug would meet. After I did that I made my website plan which needed 5 content pages, a home page, a reflection page, and a works cited page. I then got to writing my task. During my time with the task I had problems with the animation bugging out when I moved the sea slug around but I eventually corrected most of the problems. I also had a problem I faced was time constraints, at the pace that I was going at I wouldn't be able to finish my project so I stayed after school one day to finish the task. By doing this task I understand that designing a flash animation and a website takes a lot of skill and time.

By doing this task I am a better student because I have learned how to handle time restraints and to stay cool when faced with a large setback like when my flash animation had a major bug in which my sea slug would move of the screen and wouldn't move back until I removed my classic tween and try again, by solving my problems with a level head I was able to finish my project on time with only needing a little time after school. If I am tasked with another flash animation or I need to make another website I will remember the skills I learned to make a nice and profficient website or flash animation.


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