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Thomaz Whitford
Web Graphics and Design
24 January, 2017

Kyrie Irving and His Shoes

            In Web Graphics and Design, our class was asked to create a website of our choice for our common task, which includes flash animation and many of the skills we learned throughout the course.  I choose to create a website about a famous basketball player called Kyrie Irving, and the basketball shoes he created for Nike.  Not only did I need basic computer skills, but also I had to learn to create motion pictures, gifts, flash animation, and how to link tabs on a website to make the website appealing.  One difficult skill I had to acquire was making flash animation because it involved adding motion tween and inserting key frames where I wanted the animation to occur.  These skills are so important because good websites need animations to be appealing and engaging to their target audience.

            To create this website, I first had to come up with a good idea for a website, which of course involved basketball.  Next I created my flash animation and then I added the flash into the website program, called the Dream Weaver.  I encountered obstacles in creating individual tabs, or working links within the website, but I was able to ask for help from my teacher, Mr. Herz.  I had to trouble shoot errors throughout the website, by testing every link to make sure it works, and re-doing the links when necessary.   This task has helped me learn so much about designing