MegaMouth Shark


It was first recorded in 1976 and is so different from other shark lineages that it has been placed in its own family: Megachasmidae. Megamouth sharks can reach over 5 metres in length; the head is large with a short snout and, as the name would suggest, an extremely large mouth.

It usually grows to be about the length of 4-5 feet. However there have been sightings of 17-23 feet MegaMouths but only two were ever found with that length.

Shark attacks:
There is no record of a MegaMouth Shark Attacking a human.

Life span:
It is unknown how long a MegaMouth lives for due to its incredibly rare sightings.

Its habitats are still uncertain, but a few sightings in areas of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans are on record; and since its discovery in Hawaii, only 55 more sightings have been registered in countries such as Brazil, Senegal, the Philippines and Indonesia.