"Please do not speak to or acknowledge any Angels that you may come across while shopping at the Ralph’s or at the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex. They only tell lies and do not exist."


The Angels first appeared in Episode 1: Pilot, they were out in the car lot fixing Old Woman Jose's lightbulb in her house. They are discribed as ten feet tall, radiant and one of them is black. They also never stop smiling and make strange trumpet noises all of the time. Sometimes they are descibed to have mulitple heads, but other times they have one head. According to Old Woman Jose, angels are immortal and every single one of them are called Erika, with a K. They can hear if you call them Erica, with a C. The City council denies the existance of these angels and the nature of thier heavens, but surprisingly everyone in NightVale knows of them, according to Cecil , every 7th grader learns about angels in Transmigration Studies. Most fanart depicts them as having one head and long, spiderlike limbs, they usualy have no face but sometimes they can have multiple eyes and four or more wings.