Carlos Palmer

"'Dignified, if premature, touch of gray at his temples'", and a strong, square jaw and teeth "like a military cemetery." 

Carlos is a Latino scientist who arrives in Episode 1: Pilot, he has curly black hair, dark skin and straight teeth. From Febuary 2013, to December 2013, he was voiced by the shows co writer, Jeffery Crainor. From December 2013 to now, he was voiced by Dillon Marron. He first arrived in Night Vale to take a course at Night Vales community college but ended up staying for an indefinete amount of time. Cecil Palmer, instantly fell in love with him and, after a near death experience, Carlos reciprocated Cecils love for him. Carlos has a team of scientists that he leads on to investigate the oddites of Night Vale, they first investigate the Nonexistent house in the Desert Creek housing development and end up standing outside of it for a long period of time, daring eachother to ring the doorbell. This probelm gets so big that they end up calling people and offering them 5 dollars to ring the doorbell for them. In season 3, Carlos gets trapped in the desert otherworld for an entire year, he frequently talkes with his then boyfreind Cecil, as cellphones never run out of battery and get amazing cervice in the vast, barren desert. He and Cecil are now married and have a healthy family life together.