"The future is what you make of it! Just know that your supplies are limited. Welcome to Desert Bluffs."

Kevin is the main narrator of the Desert Bluffs Community Radio, and lives in the ajacent town to Night Vale, Desert Bluffs. Kevin first appears in Cecils office during a sandstorm, he is very corgial to Cecil and says that they will meet again before warping through the black hole he came from. On Parade day he narrates Night Vale Community Radio as Cecil and his interns are all trapped at the Strexcorp Community Picnic. Before going back to Desert Bluffs he tries to convince Cecil to join him, and "belive in a Smiling God". It was made know later that Kevin was also trapped in the Desert Other World with Cecils boyfreind, Carlos. But is not antagonistic in any way and actualy becomes freinds with Carlos. Kevin and Carlos build a Radio station in the desert and Kevin starts broadcasting again, and much of his backstory is revealed. He talkes about his life before "The Incedent" and how he was once a person much like Cecil, rebellious, open minded, and most importantly he hated the idea of StrexCorp. However, after "The Incedent" he became a loyal servant of StrexCorp and is the person we know him as today. He has yet to come back and infiltate Night Vale again but we hear his broadcasts freaquently and can assume that he will come back soon. He is voiced by actor Kevin R Free and is never truly descibed at all, just that he looks like Cecil, but is covered in blood. Many drawings of him having him grinning wildly, as if the smile was carved into his face and sometimes has long, claw-like fingers.