Khoshkeh is a Floating cat who lives in the Mens bathroom in the Night Vale Community Radio station. He acts like a normal cat but purrs and floats at around 4-5 feet off the ground. He is also unnoficcialy owned by cecil.He cannot travel from this spot but seems happy where he is. Khoshkeh cannot be photogarphed, as anyone who does dies horribly. In the 23rd episode, Koshkeh gave birth to a litter of healthy, floating kittens. All of the kittens were adopted relativly fast but, as they cant move, they have stayed Floating in the bathroom. As of episode 39, Khoshkeh's kittens have been growing rapidly and have molted twice, even starting to grow "their grownup kitty spine ridges!". In episode 43, Khoshkeh has a bad fight with a StrexPet that tries to hurt Cecil, Khoskeh lost an eye and part of one of his paws, however, he stopped floating to let Cecil bring him home and help him heal. As of episode 75, Khoshkeh has returned to his place floating in the bathroom, and his kittens are doing very well.