Live Shows

Night Vale has many live shows throughout its life span, with world tours to american tours and they feture many artists and have live weather by Disparition. There tous feture a new story each time, they are over an hour long and they do not upload some of them on a platform to listen to so you have to experience it yourself. They also have collabs with other artists like The Thrilling Adventure Hour. They are currently on their last "Ghost Stories" tour and their next show will be in the Nicholas J Horn Theater, in Southern Nevada, on Feburary 12.



Aliee Chan as Basimah Bashara

Meg Bashwiner as Deb

Desiree Burch as Pamela Winchell

Kevin R. Free as Kevin

Marc Evan Jackson as Marcus Vanston

Kate Jones as Michelle Nguyen 

Hal Lublin as Steve Carlsberg

Dylan Marron as Carlos

Jasika Nicole as Dana Cardinal

Flor De Liz Perez as Lacy

Jackson Publick as Hiram McDaniels

Molly Quinn as Fey

Retta as Old Woman Josie

Symphony Sanders  as Tamika Flynn

Lauren Sharpe as Lauren Mallard

 Wil Wheaton as Earl Harlan

Mara Wilson as the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home

Erica Livingston as Phone Tree Voice 1

Christopher Loar as Phone Tree Voice 2