Creating a website and Flash animation in 6 weeks isn't easy, but I hope I have compleated all of the tasks given to me and that my website is procicent because I put a lot of work into this. The task was simple, create a Flash animation and subsiquent website on whatever you wanted, easy right? It was anything but easy, but it was very fun, our whole semester of classes had been preparing for this task. We created smaller websites, learned all of the tweens in Flash and had other tasks like this one, just on a smaller scale. for this task I had to, make a website correctly, have every picture I used be cited correctly and created a 750 frame flash animation to go along with the website. I used my knowledge of animation and website biulding from past classses to efficently do this task. All of these skills are important because it will help to know how to make other websites for future, like if I have to do it for a Job or a extracurricular thing. For 5 weeks I made the flash animastion and for 1 week I constructed the website around it, it took multiple classes and working at home to finish this. I encountered no large obsticles, but multiple times I turned my computer off without saving and sometimes I went to get an image but it was on a blocked website. I had to make up the work that I lost without saving and I just found other photos when one was blocked. This task helped me understand Web design because this solidified all of the perivious skills I learned. The completion of this taskj improved my time managment, and helped me understand the coding world as a whole. I anticipate using these skills in the when I take other computer-centric classes in this school.