Guns N' Roses

One of the greatest bands in history that came together in 1986. Their first major album, "Appetite for Destruction", was what really launched the band to a new level. This album debuted in 1987, some argue it being one of the greatest albums of all time. It gained them world wide popularity. They are remembered as a hard rock, metal band from the late 80's and the early 90's.

The band first started off as:

Axl Rose


Duff McKagan

Izzy Stradlin

Steven Adler

Rise and Fall (1985-1994)

The band was originally formed in L. A. California, in March 1985. Axl Rose was the founding member of the band. The name Guns N' Roses was derived from the two earlier names, and the original Guns N' Roses lineup included members from both the L. A. Guns, and Hollywood Rose. Their first major album was released on July 21, 1987 (Appetite for Destruction). "Welcome to the Jungle" was the first hit single off the track do to its music video that appeared on MTV only a few times a day. eventually other tracks on the album were reconized such as, "Sweet Child O' Mine", and "Paradise City". All three songs were eventually on the U. S. top ten singles. The band toured this album up until the release of their new album, "GN'R Lies". This also made great success but was one of the most controversional albums of its time do to the song, "One in a Million", which used rascism and homophobia. Their next album was Use Your Illusion I, with such tracks as, "November Rain", "Don't Cry", "Live and Let Die", and "Civil War". This was released September of 1991. Use Your illusions II was another hit that had one of their most reconized songs, "You Could Be Mine". This album was released a day after Use Your Illusions I in 1991. Their song "You Could Be Mine" was used in the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in their music video for the song. At this point the band was still on top of the world, everything was still going pretty smooth up until around 1994 when the band bgan to fall into a downward spiral. At this time some band members wanted to stay with their original hard rock persona's while Axl though that going in a ballad direction would be better. In November of 1993 they released their final album when most of the original band members were still in the band. They called it the "Spaghetti Incident". This album featured a few hits such as, "Hair of the Dog", and "Ain't It Fun". After this album was released Duff left the band, shortly followed by Slash. At this point all the former band members are on band terms with Axl. After some band members left the band Guns N' Roses took a break for a few years. But finally got back together again in 1997 witha completely new lineup of musicians with Axl Rose being the only founding member of the band still with GN'R.


1988 Best New Artist-MTV Video Music Awards ("Welcome to the Jungle")
1989 Favorite Pop/Rock Single-American Music Awards ("Sweet Child O' Mine")
1989 Best Heavy Metal Video-MTV Video Music Award ("Sweet Child O' Mine")
1990 Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist-American Music Awards
1990 Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Album-American Music Awards (Appetite for Destruction)
1992 Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist-American Music Awards
1992 Video Vanguard-MTV Music Video Awards
1992 Best Cinematography-MTV Music Video Awards ("November Rain")
1993 Best Selling Hard Rock Artist-World Music Awards

Axl Finishing What He Started (1997-present)

Since Guns N' Roses were the last band to acheive legendary status, Axl couldn't let the band be forgotten. He brought together a group of completely new musicians to try and make a band similar to his former masterpiece. They are also recognized as a band that changed rock and metal music in the late 1980s by bringing a more serious, emotional, and sometimes political edge to 80's rock. Axl is yet again trying to accomplish the same success that he had before. With the new album ready to release this year, the band is on tour yet again selling out almost every show. Frontman Axl Rose has become a source of both controversy and criticism since the other founding members left the group. Music critics have blamed Rose for the break-up of the original group, and have criticized him for continuing the band after the original members had departed. They also cite his neurotic behavior and sense of perfectionism as a cause of personal conflict and the long delays between albums. However, Rose still has fans who view him as a sort of musical anti-hero.