Web Design Chapter 2 Reflections

So far this has been a pretty easy class but I am enjoying it. A lot of this is unfamiliar because I myself am a Mac user. I used to use PCs but I am heavily into video, picture, and audio editing which is extremely easy to do on a Mac and it all comes pre built. This class has taught me a lot because I was never used to creating web-sites that looked like this. I use a .mac account for web hosting and it is completely different. The Mac software is more of a drag and drop style set up. It is very easy to use, but it was interesting to do all this stuff with notepad. I wish we would do more picture based editing using things such as Photoshop. I use that program all the time to create many different things. I believe this class will get more interesting when we get more in depth and start using different programs.

Jesse Dufault