Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Breakfast, known as Jentaculum, would be eaten between sunrise and the first hour. For breakfast, the Ancient Romans would eat pankake biscuts, bread dipped in wine, bread flavoured with a little bit of cheese, dried fruits or honey, or bread with salt, honey, dates, or olives. They did not always have breakfast, though, sometimes they would just have a glass of water.


Lunch, known as prandium, would be eaten around the sixth hour. They would eat eggs, bread, and cheese, leftovers from previous day, fruit, salad, fish, and vegetables.


Dinner, also known as cena, would be held around the ninth or tenth hour. Cena was the main course of day. They would eat porridge and meat or fish, Mostly fish. This meal was usually accompanied by wine. This diet was actually a very ballanced diet.

By Olivia Baroni