Food on Festivals and Holidays

Roman Festivals

Roman Festivals where extravagant and grand with very delicious unorthodox foods. Roman Banquets where true sights to see from the large varieties of food from raw fish to exotic specialties. This was usually adjoined by entertainment like acrobats, dancers, or musicians. Some of foods that can be in the first course (Gustatio) are Jellyfish, eggs, Sow’s udders, boiled tree fungi, and Sea Urchins. In the second course (Primae Mensae) you will find roasted fallow deer, boiled ostrich, boiled turtle dove, roasted parrot, Dormice, boiled Ham, and boiled flamingo. The third and final course (Secundae Mansae) consisted of fricassees of roses, Stoned dates, and Hot African sweet-wine cakes with honey.

By John Jones