Meats and Dairy


Common dairy items eaten throughout the time of the Ancient Romans was milk, cream, special curds, whey, and cheese. Also included was Ewes milk, Cow's milk, and Goat's milk. These common dairy products would be eaten, or drank, if the people would have enough money to afford them.


During the times of the ancient Romans, meat was very valuable. The meat eaten by the ancient Romans could at times not be eaten by everyone, so when meat was avalible for the poor, it was savoured. Amongst the meats, there was beef, veal, boar, lamb, mutton, sausage, dormice, goat, snails, hare, sucking pig, kid, and venison. As you can see, meat was very highly valued in this society.

Fish and Poultry

The Romans would eat fish and poultry as well. Fish would be the most common form of "meats" because it was readily avalilble. Amongst the varieties of fish, most prominent the most prominent was carp, catfish, clams, crab, octopus, mussels, mullet, mackerel, rays, sardines, shark, sole, swordfish, flounder, eel, perch, trout, oysters, hake, porpoise, tuna, lobster, prawns, and turbot. Amongst the variety of birds, most prominent was chicken, goose, flamingo, thrushes, pigeon, pheasant, fig-peckers, duck, dove, partridge, crane, and ostrich.

By Olivia Baroni