The Roman Kitchen uttensils

Roman Kitchen Utensils

In a Roman Kitchen an oven was common for baking and roasting, made of rubble and tiles and shaped like a low beehive. They used charcoal and wood to burn inside the oven. Portable Ovens were also existent which were made of earthenware, iron, bronze, or other precious metals which was used for cooking smaller items. Cauldron chains where used to suspend pots over a wooden fire. Larger animals were roasted on spits (a wooden pole).The frying pan (fretale), made of bronze, and had two key aspects including a pouring spout and a handle. Shallow pans and earthware dishes where common they are referred to as patellae patinae .Knives of all sizes are used and made of iron, bone, wood or bronze and spoons where made of bronze, silver, and bone. Ladles, dippers, strainers, and choppers are also common in Roman Kitchens. Mortaria were stout pottery bowls used for pounding and grinding made from grit baked clay. Stone or Wooden Pestles were also used. For cleaning metal ware they used sand but earthware had to be constantly replaced due to the inability to clean them with water or sand.

By John Jones