The Nightmare Before Christmas came out in 1993 and is still well known after 13 years. They have made a lot of products from the movie and also they made it into a 3D movie recently. Also they made it into a video game.

The plot of this movie is unlike any other movie. It is very imaginitive and it brings together two hoildays that no one could ever to think to bring togther. Jake Skellington wonders off after coming back from another year of huanting and he can't understand why he is feeling the way he does. He is the Pumpkin King why would he be bored of his holiday? So he went for a walk in the woods to think with his ghost dog zero. In the morning he stumbled upon these doors that had different symbols on them. He went up to one that was shaped like a christmas tree and got sucked up into a world that he has never seen before. When he came back to Halloween Town he told them all about it and said that he wanted to do it this year. Jack and the others were excited to do the hoilday called chrisrmas but one person didnt think so. Sally the ragdoll thought it wasnt a good idea and told Jake but he ignored her warning. The stole Santa Clause and stole his hoilday but Sanata Claus ended up in the hands of Oggie Boggie. A not so nice member of Halloween town. Jack was out giving out the christmas presents that the people of Halloween Town made and scared everyone. He ruined christmas but in the end he saved Santa Clause and and he realised that he did love his hoilday but also he loved someone else. He loved Sally the one who orginally told him not to take over christmas because she didnt want him to get hurt.


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