History of Basketball

December 1891, James Naismith who was a canadian physcian and a minister of a college for YMCA professionals, now know as Springfield College thought long and hard to figure out how to keep his students buisy and fit during winters in New England. When first tried out the hoop was a peach basket hung on a 10 foot pole., with a sturdy bottom so when the ball was scored, it needed to be poked out.

In 1892 Sendra Benson changed the rules of the game, making it so women had the same opertunity to play as men.

The first official basketball game play on janruary 20th. 1892, was played at the YMCA. The game consisted of nine players, the court was half of what is now a regular sized court. Naismith didnt actually come up with the name "Basketball" his students had given him the idea and he accepted it.


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