Mike Gardner





By doing this website project I have learned a lot. Dreamweaver is a program that allows you to more easily create a web page. I have learned how to use Dreamweaver in many ways. I have learned to make links and make tables for the data that I put in my website. Other website making programs make you write in all the codes to create a website, but with Dreamweaver it makes the work less tedious. I also learned the programs correct tools, setup and layouts that a website should be made by. This helped me by making my website easier to create and it helped me understand how to make a website. Learning the correct layout of a webpage also helped me by making my website look better too. When making my webpage I also learned how to use Adobe Photoshop. This is a program that helped me edit the pictures that I wanted to put into my webpage. With this I learned how to crop, edit and color change the picture. I also learned how to deal with red eye. In conclusion this project helped me better understand what it takes to make a website.