The Greatest Reflection Ever Made

At the beginning of this course I could not even type let alone make a webpage. Mr. Herz, my Web Design teacher A.K.A. God, showed me the wonderful world of computers. If anyone is as great at teaching as Mr. Herz that person must be a result of someone’s imagination. Mr. Herz was able to help me throughout the entire process through all of the problems I had. Without Mr. Herz’s guidance I surely would have failed my task but because of his determination, dedication and passion towards his job he was able to put up with me long enough to make sure I made a presentable website. I used Dreamweaver and Photoshop as my primary tools to create the webpage I did. Dreamweaver allowed me to organize all of the materials within my webpage in the fashion I wanted while Photoshop allowed me to create and edit the pictures I chose to be the best for my site. Overall this project taught me more than I can say and I am ecstatic that I participated in it.