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The Appalachain Trail is a 2,160 to 2,170 mile long trail (according to different accounts) across the northeastern and eastern parts of the U.S. Starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia it finishs in Maine at Mount Katahdin. The trail has, since its creation, been used by thousands of hikers for recreation and has been an eye opening experience to thousands. The beauty of the trail is amazing and the vast differing areas to the trails allow hikers to experience lots of different environments and situations. The Appalachian Trail is so vastly used that you can find areas of the trail untouched by people for long periods of time to the other extreme of being served and cooked for ontop of a mountain at the AMC huts in New Hampshire. There are so many different aspects to the Appalachian Trail it is impossible for this site to cover every single one but hopefully this site will allow you to develop an interest into the outdoors and encourage you to go hike a part of the appalachian trail or do the extreme and thru hike the trail (hiking all 2,160 miles in one hike). The Appalachian Trail is supported by many different organizations one of them being the Appalachian Conservancy which helps in big part to maintain the trail. They are always looking for volunteers to aid them in their job of keeping the trails in superb condition so that hikers can use the trails throughout the entirety of the trail. If you are a beginning hiker the Appalachain Trail can be for you too. You do not have to be an expert to hike the Appalachian Trial, there are parts of the trail that are extremely easy to some very difficult summits of mountains. Hiking to the top of Mount Washington and Mount Katahdin are two extreme hikes that you, and your legs, will not forget quickly. While there are those extreme summits there are also many relaxing hikes along the way where you can just enjoy nature.

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