This quarter our class was given the task of creating a website for a topic of interested you. I chose cycling, which is a hobby of mine, to be the topic of my webpage. I researched the History of Cycling, and found the many different types of cycling that exist in todays world. I also researched the three Grand Tours, that are the most important cycling races in the world, and in Europe. I also decided to examine manufacturers of bikes to day, such as Specialized, Bianchi, or Colnago. The hardest part of this project was trying to find all of the manufacturers of Bicycles today, and getting a picture of thier Logo. The easiest part was researching the history of cycling. I had already had a basic knowledge of Cycling history so it was not dificult to find and use information from websites.

By doing this project I met standard 1.3 of the Mission statement. I was asked to find data and information, anyalize it, and include it into my webpage. I would need to be able to read critically and understand a wide degree of information to sift through what information is apropriate for the topic that I had chosen. In conlusion this project was fun to do and I learned a lot about a topic I already had interest in, and was able to better understand what it is I like about the Sport of Cycling.