Types of Cycling

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City-A type of cycling found in large cities. People use the bicycle as a method of transportation to and from work. If there are enough people using cycling as a method of transportation, cities may build large bike paths.  
Commercial-Used as a means to deliver or sell a product. Mail men used bicycles as a mthod of trnsport. Even still today, police Officers use bicycles.  
Recreational-The typical means for using a bicycle. Recreational Cycling is found and enjoyable at all ages.  
Racing-Above Recreational riding, there are Competitions, and Races. Some for fun. Others, as a profession. There are different levels of racing. There are local levels and then pro-races(See Famous Races)
War-Even though bicycles are not outfitted for war, they have been used for reconisance. During WWII the Resistance would hide information inside the crossbar of the bike, and then smuggle information right around the Germans.