For this assignment, we were required to create our own web page. Creating a web page requires a lengthy thought process before you actually begin to work. First, you have to determine the topic you would like to create your website on. Next, you have to define your target audience. Once you have established these two things, you can begin to plan out you website. It is recommended that you create a site map before actually constructing your website, so you know how you want it to look before hand.

For my topic, I chose to create a web page about the MLB American League East team, the Boston Red Sox. I chose to do my web page on the Boston Red Sox because they are my favorite team in the MLB, and I knew that I am interested in them enough to create a site with many different pages. I then had to choose my target audience. For this, I chose to aim my web page at males in their teens. I believe that my site has information that males that age would find insightful and be interested in. As far as the planning process goes, I chose to have my sight connected with the actual sight for the Boston Red Sox. I have a few links to their page for fans and I think they are useful tools. I enjoyed doing this project because it was about an area that interests me, which is, the Boston Red Sox.

Overall, I think my project came out decent. I think that if I could do it again, I would probably spend more time working on the design aspect of the project and attempt to make it more visually appealing. I think I did a good job on the information in my web page because it is short and to the point. Overall, I am satisfied with the web page that I created.