Neck Tie

Tying your average Neck Tie:
  Take note this note only wraps around once. This is probably the most simplistic knot out of the winsor's. Starting out we take the fatter end and make sure that it hangs beneath the shorter (about 2/3 of the way down). Next you take the fatter end and wrap it over and under the smaller end (about 1 inch beneath your shirt's collar). In doing that the allotted space from the neck to the tie is perfect for bringing the fold up and then down over on itself. If you have followed the correct procedure you should end up holding a v-shape bulge (with a piece of fabric hanging over), but if not do it again! Once that is completed the final step is to tuck that fabric under the first layer of the v, then to pull it down to tightly secure the knot beneath the shirts collar. Take heed on the appearance that the length of the tie doesn't hang below the waist line nor falls above.










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