Eli Miller.



Eli Miller has been writing songs, and playing guitar since he was 14. He grew up in California, and moved to Rhode Island to attend Brown University. There, he met John Zox through a mutual friend, and they began practicing everyday together.


John Zox.


From whom ZOX got its name, John Zox is the co-founder of the band also attended Brown with a degree in engineering.


Spencer Swain.


Spencier Swain is a classically trained violinist who attended the music conservatory at Purchase College in New York. He got bored, dropped out, and moved to Rhode Island. He joined the band after answering a newspaper classified ad Miller and Zox took out seeking a violinist interested in classical music, punk and reggae.

Dan Edinberg.

The newest member to ZOX, Dan Edinberg has just joined in 2004. From Boston, Edinberg is a great attribute to the band, with a major in music- attending Brown.