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Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a game played with either two or four players. Where the players hit the ball back and forth using a paddle. The game is played on a table which is divided in half by a net width wise, and a line length wise. A coin toss is used to decide who gets first serve. The person/team that wins the coin toss serves first. Service alternates between opponents every two points (regardless of winner of the rally) until a player reaches 11 points with at least a two-point lead, or until both players have 10 points a piece. If both players reach 10 points, then service alternates after each point, until one player gains a two-point advantage. After each game, players switch sides until somone wins a best-of 5 series

Some Rules

-The serve toss must go at least 6 inches above the hand that tossed the ball

-On a serve the ball must hit your side first, then bounce over the net and hit the opponents side.

-Before a ball can be played it must bounce only one time on your side.

Scoring-points are awarded to the opponent for...

-Allowing the ball to bounce on one's own side twice

-Not hitting the ball after it has bounced on one's own side

-Having the ball bounce on one's own side after hitting it

-Hitting the ball before it has bounced on one's own side of the table

-Double hitting the ball. Note that the hand below the wrist is considered part of the bat and making a good return off one's hand or fingers is allowed, but hitting one's hand or fingers and subsequently hitting the racket is a double strike and an error.

-Causing the ball not to bounce on the opponent's half

-Placing one's free hand on the playing surface or moving the playing surface

-Offering and failing to make a good serve

Some information from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_tennis#Scoring

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