Express your individuality by using Symbols


A few popular tattoo designs and their meanings are:

Angel tattoo symbolizes: Protection, guardians, keepers of dreams

Bird tattoo symbolizes: Birth, intuition, freedom

Butterfly tattoo symbolizes: Spiritual immortality, temporary element of life

Clown tattoo symbolizes: Laughter, tears, uncertainties

Clover tattoo symbolizes: Good luck

Cross tattoo symbolizes: Sacrifice, love and salvation

Devil(baby)tattoo symbolizes: Mischievousness, urgent desire for sex

Dove tattoo symbolizes: Universal symbol of peace

Fairy tattoo symbolizes: Good or evil supernatural powers

Moon tattoo symbolizes: Varied rhythms of life

Sun tattoo symbolizes: Sacredness of life. Warmth, nurturing

YinYang tattoo symbolizes: Harmony and totality

Because of their Symbolic meaning, Tattoos are an expression of individuality and should be chosen carefully

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Tattoos have been since ever a sign for some meaning that was linked with it. The meaning of Tattoos can be of spiritual nature but can also be a sign of strength or power, harmony and other qualities.

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