The Art of Tattooing Isn't New ...

Body decorating is one of the earliest forms of artistic expression known to human kind. There is evidence from burials and rock carvings to indicate that body art occurred in prehistoric times on the continents of Africa and Asia. The word “Tattoo” itself originated in the South Pacific. The word tatau comes from ta, which means to strike or to mark in many Polynesian languages. The word tattoo has found its way into most European languages: French-tatoeeren; German-tattowieren; Italian-tatuaggio; Dutch-tatoeeren; Spanish-tatuaje. The art of tattooing had been referred to as pricking, scarring, or staining until an explorer named Captain James Cook encountered the Indigenous peoples of Tahiti .

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The presence of tattooing in our mainstream society is not going to fade away anytime soon. In three percent of American households today, at least one of their members has one or more tattoos. At least twelve million Americans have one tattoo.

This decorative art form continues to be a growing attraction to teenagers. Teens as young as 13 and 14 are getting their first tattoos. It isn't just guys who are getting them, over the past twenty years the number of women getting tattoos has quadrupled.

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