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This project really brought me back to my past where I enjoyed this sport with many of my friends. I used to stay out side after school, playing handball untill late at night. It was the game which everyone around me played and liked. Thats why I choosed this title for my web page. Handball is a sports which not many people know of unless you are from New York. Growing up in Queens, playing this sports was the best thing to do beside basketball or football. it was hard to remember all the rules in my head because its been a while since I actually played handball. There wasn't many sites that described handball. All the information exsept the court size came out from my head which I though amazing.

The project also was great. I had fun getting the pictures which made me remember the time I was in N.Y. This web page will show the skills they use and what the sport is all about. Handball is a very athletic spots which I think has slmost the same amount of body movement as the other famous sports. Most importantly, its a sports that allows people who don't even know each other, know each other after the game is over. I mainly focused on the game part and the skills because it was the most important subject.

The whole project was pleasing, and I had fun with it.

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