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The basic rule in handball is very simple. You hit the ball and get it to the wall. The wall on the left is how a handball wall or court looks like.

In doubles(like the picture above), you have four players in one side of the court. Two teams of two players play until the set score is over.

(click on the picture to see basic rules and about the street play of handball.)

The ball they use is also called handball. It comes with many different colors but mainly its blue. The one on the right shows you what size it is and how it looks like.

When the person stands in front of the other players way so that the other player cant hit the ball, that's called block. In this case, you(the person who got blocked) have to serve no matter who's serve it was. WHen the ball hits the other player, that's a block too.

RULE : Serve the ball right.

The court is about half the size of the regular class room.

(The wall is 20ft by 16ft and floor area 20ft by 34ft)

On the floor, there's something called short line, long line, and out lines.

Short Line= When you serve, you must get the ball over this line. Its about 8~10ft away from the wall. You serve short, you have one chance to serve right. Miss again, the ball is in the other players hand.

Long Line= Long line works same as the short line except its a long line. When you hit the ball too hard and make the ball go over the line, you have served too long.

Out Line= Out line.

Before hitting= You must hit the ball before it hits ground twice. You can hit the ball before it even hits the ground or after it bounce once.

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