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There is something called killer shot in handball which is a shot when a player hits the ball so that the ball hits low where the wall meets the floor(about 1" above the ground). The ball will hits the floor but never bounce off higher than 1". This makes the ball bounce twice right away as soon as it leaves the wall. This is why it is called killer. (no human being can bend down so low to actually hit the ball, even if you did, you will scratch your hands on the ground. Not a pretty scene.)

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Angle serve is a skill where you serve your ball at an angle so that the other player have to run to get the serve. This serve creates alot of loss in your stamina.


Hitting the ball with your back turned around or using the back side of your hand. used when you are running back of the court to get the ball that passed you.

Roll. Roll. Roll.

Rolling the ball is extremely hard skill. You must hit the ball at an angle so that the ball never bounce off after it hits the wall. The ball will just roll down making the other player unable to hit the ball at all.


Cuts create a shot that is unable to predict. When hitting the ball, you twist your hand so that the ball will spin creating the ball to go opposite direction after hitting the wall.

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