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Harp Models..

  There are two distinct different kinds of harps, they are called the lever harp and the pedal harp. There are also different sizes to these harps, which is also called models. The smallest of these is the Celtic harp, and the largest would be the Grand Concert Model.        
  The Celtic Harp is the smallest harp model...        
  There are also various sizes of the lever harp, which goes from the Celtic Harp, to a Chamber sized lever harp.        
  The Pedal Harp has three main sizes. These are the Chamber, The Orchestra, and the Grand Concert. The harp shown at right is a Chamber model. The average Chamber harp has 44 Strings: Low D to High E, and weighs approximately 70 lbs        
  A Concert Harp is shown at right. The average Concert Harp has 46 Strings: Low C to High F, and weighs approximately 82 lbs.        
  The largest of the harp family is shown at right. This model is called the Grand Concert. The average Grand Concert Harp has 47 Strings: Low C to High G, and weighs approximately 83 lbs.        

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